Demonstration of the PRIORITIZER

This page gives a graphical representation of the operation of the PRIORITIZER ® AC Sequential Load Management Center.

You can turn any of the appliances on or off by clicking on the button under its picture, in the line labeled "Demand". This will simulate the device attempting to run. For example, the refrigerator becoming warm enough to need to cool down, or the room temperature falling to the point where the thermostat tells the furnace to begin heating.

Notice that just because a unit wishes to operate (you have turned the demand button on), it may not be permitted to do so. Remember, the PRIORITIZER works by shutting down all loads that are of lower priority than the highest priority load which needs to operate. In this example, the Well Pump will ALWAYS get its turn, but the Water Heater may have to wait for a period of time before it gets its chance.

Please try different combinations of the buttons until you get a feel for the way the unit works. Watch the Electric Flow and the Total Operating Watts to see the energy-saving effects of the PRIORITIZER.

2220 Series PRIORITIZER®
  Priority   1 2 3
  Device     Well Pump     Furnace     Water Heater  
Power   1800 Watts     1000 Watts     4800 Watts  
Total Operating Watts :