A. The PRIORITIZER is an AC Load Management System that monitors and controls loads and appliances in an effort to manage the use of electricity. This can lower the peak demands on your power system, and allow you use a smaller generator, solar array, or fuel cell than you would need without such management.

Q. What can the PRIORITIZER do for me?
A. It can, for example, make sure your electric hot water heater does not run while other large appliances are operating, thereby lowering the demand on your power source. This has been shown to make the difference between requiring an 8KW generator versus the 12KW unit which would be required without the PRIORITIZER.

Q. What power sources can it use?
A. It can be used when emergency backup power is limited (a standby generator), full time with alternate power sources (solar or wind-powered battery banks, fuel cells, or other non-grid sources), or full time with utility power (to limit peak demand billing surcharges).

Q. How is the unit wired into the electric service?
A. First, you locate the electrical wires running from the circuit breakers to each of the loads which the unit is expected to monitor or control. Upon leaving the circuit breaker, each of these wires is routed through the PRIORITIZER on its way to the appliance. Now the unit can watch the current in these wires, and shut some of them off temporarily if required.

Q. What is the maximum load the unit will handle?
A. The Standard Models are designed to handle one 20 Amp breaker on each of the loads which are controlled. If more current is required, larger capacity units are available at a slightly greater cost.

Q. What if some of my loads are 240 volts?
A. The PRIORITIZER can be wired to handle a mixture of 120 and 240 volt loads at the same time. Each 240 volt load will use up two of the available lines of the unit.

Q. Should I connect my air conditioner through the unit?
A. Due to the high starting current of an air conditioning unit, it should NOT be wired into the PRIORITIZER, and for that matter, is probably too much for a small generator anyway.

Q. Is the unit completely automatic?
A. Yes. Once installed, the unit monitors and controls the loads at all times, switching them on and off as needed. No user action is necessary.

Q. What if the Utility Power returns?
A. If you have installed the optional Utility Override unit, when Utility Power returns, the PRIORITIZER will release control, and all loads will be capable of operating at the same time. Upon the next loss of Utility Power, the unit will automatically begin the switching function again. No user action is required for this operation.

Q. What happens if I overload the unit?
A. The PRIORITIZER will shut off all controlled loads if it overheats internally due to too much current being drawn. When the relays cool down, all loads will be re-applied.

Q. Can I install it myself?
A. The PRIORITIZER must be installed following all local ordinances, by a professional electrician who is familiar with residential and commercial electrical wiring and building codes.

Q. How long will the installation require?
A. The PRIORITIZER can be installed in about one hour, once you have decided which circuits will be operated through the unit.

Q. How do I obtain a unit?
A. The PRIORITIZER should soon be available through a dealer near you. Check our "Dealers" web page for information. If you cannot locate a dealer, look at our "Contacts" web page and call us directly for information.