SEQUENT Power, Inc.

SEQUENT Power designs and builds AC load sequencers based upon a self switching priority concept.

Energy management solutions based on the PRIORITIZER make the most out of a limited source of electricity, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


The PRIORITIZER® is an AC Load Management System that combines and manages several intermittent loads with partial duty cycles into one equivalent load of up to 100% duty cycle.

Areas of application include:

Backup/Emergency power systems
Demand management
Solar/Wind alternative power systems
Fuel cell based off-line or line-tie power systems
Peak load shaving

As electric power demand from the the public and commercial sectors approaches the limits of what the generation utilities can produce, it will be less likely in the future to be able to expect constant, clean, reliable power. We can assume there will be a greater occurance of brownouts, dropouts, and generally dirty power. This is leading to increased installation of standby or off-grid power sources (generators, solar, fuel cells, etc.). One minor drawback of this equipment is the inability to supply all of the electrical needs of the average user.

In light of these developments, SEQUENT Power has developed the PRIORITIZER, an AC Load Management System which offers a solution to this growing problem. It functions by allowing only a portion of the connected loads to operate at any given time, automatically switching between them as required, thereby lowering the necessary total capacity of a standby power source.

Using a standby power source, a typical home may be able to operate the essential equipment with an 8 kilowatt generator, but would require a 12 kilowatt unit should they have an electric hot water heater or a large jet well pump. The addition of an ECS Series PRIORITIZER would allow the smaller generator to power all of the loads.
Using an alternative power source such as Solar Panels, Wind or Hydro Power, etc., the AE Series PRIORITIZER would allow a smaller and therefore less expensive installation to operate more of the desired loads.
Used full-time (commercially) on utility power, the NC Series PRIORITIZER would lower peak usage levels by spreading the operation of the connected loads over a greater time period. This could, for example, force an electric water heater to operate only while the other major loads are not consuming electricity, lowering the peak demand, and therefore the utility bill.