NC Series PRIORITIZER Installation

The NC Series of PRIORITIZER is connected directly to the load wiring. The unit is mounted onto or near the Priority 2 load, and a current transformer is connected to the load wiring of the Priority 1 load.

In this typical demand management application of an NC 1100-2 unit, we connect one air compressor as Priority 1,and a second air compressor as Priority Two. Note that we are only switching the control line (contactor coil), not the actual load hot wire. The P2 air compressor will be disabled when the P1 compressor runs, and will be permitted to operate when the P1 load is off. Preventing both compressors from operating at the same time will greatly lower the peak demand charge on your utility bill.

If the wiring to the current transformer is 10 feet or less, use this drawing.

If the wiring to the transformer will need to be more than 10 feet, add the NC Remote Current Sensor unit, and use the two-unit drawing below.