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ECS Series [On-Grid, Backup Genset, Transfer Switch]
Two-Priority AC Load Manager
Four "Priority-1" lines, Two "Priority-2" lines
Model ECS 4200-20 --- 120/240 Volt mixed, 20 Amps.
Model ECS 4200-30 --- 120/240 Volt mixed, 30 Amps.
Three-Priority AC Load Manager
Two each of "Priority-1", "Priority-2", "Priority-3" lines
Model ECS 2220-20 --- 120/240 Volt mixed, 20 Amps.
Model ECS 2220-30 --- 120/240 Volt mixed, 30 Amps.
Four-Priority AC Load Manager
Four lines, one each of P1, P2, P3 and P4.
Model ECS 1111-20 --- 120 Volt, 20 Amps
[Can switch 240 volts if only one AC leg is switched].
AE Series [Off-Grid, Alternative Energy, Limited Power]
Always-Sequencing AC Load Manager
Model AE 1110-20 --- 120 Volt, 20 Amps, 3 lines
Model AE 1100-20 --- 120 Volt, 20 Amps, 2 lines
NC Series [Commercial, Peak Demand Reduction]
Sequencer Node
[Output switches only control voltages].
Model NC 1100-2 --- 120/240 Volt, 2 Amps
Model NC Remote --- Remote Current Sensor
Custom Load Manager
Ex.- Two "1111" units in one cabinet.
Ex.- Three-phase switching.
Ex.- Larger current capacity.

Standard models are in NEMA 4 Non Metallic enclosures and are typically wired into an electrical sub-panel. Custom units may be in special cabinetry.

Other models with higher current or voltage ratings, 3 phase switches, etc. are available. Call or e-mail with your load requirements and we will quote a PRIORITIZER best suited to your application. You can fill out the online form on our "Quotes" page.

Available options for PRIORITIZER units:
[ECS Series] Utility Sense Override Unit.
Automatically bypasses PRIORITIZER (turning all outputs on) if utility resumes supplying power to the load. Upon next loss of utility power, unit automatically resumes prioritizing and sequencing with no operator intervention.
-- Note : There is a switch (standard) on the PRIORITIZER front panel to perform this override function, if you prefer to operate it manually.
[ECS Series] True RMS Digital AC Voltmeter.
Displays the actual Control Voltage.
Useful to determine if your backup power source is supplying the correct AC power to your loads.
-- Internal, must be ordered with PRIORITIZER.
[ECS Series] Factory Adjustable Current Trip Point.
Factory sets trip point to something higher than 2 amps.
-- Internal, must be ordered with PRIORITIZER.
[ECS Series] Overvolt / Undervolt protection.
Shuts down all outputs of PRIORITIZER if input line voltage is out of preset limits, to protect motors from burnout or brownout. Indicators on front panel show fault condition while outputs are disabled.
-- Internal, must be ordered with PRIORITIZER.
[NC Series] Adjustable Trip Point Current Transformer.
User can set current trip point at time of installation.
-- Replaces standard current transformer, order with unit.
May be added later, if you discover you need to adjust the trip point.
[NC Series] External Contactor unit.
If intended loads do not have control signals, you can install this contactor to provide disable control of the load.

All SEQUENT Power products are covered by a standard ONE YEAR Limited Warranty.